An Eight Value Plan

Fellow watercolorist and friend Judy and I have worked long and hard assigning values to squares in a grid as we prepare a painting project we will direct during an Interactive Art Evening on First Friday at Rehfeld's Gallery in Sioux Falls. We hope many visitors will paticipate in this group painting.

We will not reveal the subject of this painting, expecting that the image will reveal itself to gallery guests as ever more square inches are painted during the two hours of the artists' reception that evening. In order to make certain we have assignmed values that will indeed make the subject of the artwork apparent, Judy and I decided to first make a pattern 1/4 the size of the real deal. We squinted at it often as we worked on it. Once it was nearly finished, one of us sat across the room for a distant view while the other tweaked the values of selected squares to refine the image. We were at last satisfied. The finished piece of art will measure 40 inches high x 60 inches wide.

Judy and I both showw our work at Rehfelds' Gallery, and will be featured artists at that evening, bringing some of our most recent work to add to our displays during the event. We find guests are always interested in our work, and hope they will also be willing to add their own marks to the collaborative art project. One goal while planning tihs project was to make participation simple enough that virtually everyone would be willing to pitch in. Each shape will be numbered to correspond to numbered pens, so it should be foolproof.

Our newest paintings are nearly ready for display, and our pattern to the interactive painting is complete. It only remains for us to enlarge the grid to 2,400 square inches and accurately number each to indicate which value each square inch is to be.

I've provided more information about Interactive Art Night at Rehfeld's Gallery under the heading "Gallery Representation and Shows" on this website.

Please join us on March 1.