And the Beat Goes On.......

Zip! The deadline for painting that guitar for the Lakes Art Center slipped right by me. My first hint was when Danielle, the Visual Arts Director, emailed to ask how my project was going. The deadline had been the week before. She assured me I wouldn’t be fired, so I accelerated production. My first inclination had been to paint the historic “Legend” roller coaster realistically, but it didn’t have enough character. Even though this wood coaster is not as high and…well…as alarming as newer  versions of roller coasters, it is still a snappy ride! So I changed my concept to something equally snappy.  My version is interpretive, but still easily recognizable as the popular amusement park ride rumbling on the track at the edge of the lake. The first step in this project was to sand the front surface of the guitar body. Painting the extemely smooth plastic pick guard was optional, but it covered a lot of the guitar surface, and I needed the space to adequately depict the roller coaster . I dutifully sanded the pick guard for at least an hour before I stood to take a break and make a cup of tea. When I returned to my work I noticed something peeling along one edge. When I used a tweezers to lift whatever it was from the surface,  I found that the entire pick guard was still covered with a perfect protective cover of plastic. Perfect except that I had sanded it! So I removed the plastic and was back at the starting  gate.  Coming up with a concept can sometimes be a stumbling block, as it was for this guitar. But once I had an idea that was appealing to me, I quickly passed the "Point of No Return "and the painting just rumbled along.