IWS Annual Meeting

I attended the annual meeting and awards brunch for the Iowa Watercolor Society held in Ames, Iowa this week. Since working as an artist can be rather solitary, it is always refreshing to reconnect with watercolor friends from all corners of the state. An important part of our meeting is the election of new officers. After serving as newsletter editor for 4 years, I felt it was time for me to pass this responsibility to another member. After meeting with my replacement, I'm confident I am handing this job to a very capable person. Our membership discussed the direction of our society at length - whether to remain a society that uses various kinds of aquamedia as we have for some years, or whether to revert to an earlier time when our society worked strictly in traditional transparent watercolor on paper. The resulting vote confirmed our choice to use assorted water-based mediums - for now. This was an important decision, and we heard convincing and impassioned arguments on both sides. I voted, but admit that I ccould be perfectly comfortable with whichever way the vote went. More important to me personally is that I will have more studio time without the responsibility of publishing a quarterly newsletter. Since the deadlines for our newsletter and for submitting work for our annual show fell close together this year, I chose to concentrate on my last issue of the newsletter and therefore did not submit a painting for the competition. Still, I enjoyed viewing the chosen paintings and the anticipation when the 2009 awards were presented. And I've added a line item to my list of "goals" for 2010 - to submit two paintings for the competition next year!